Service Update: As of April 2023, HI Notes Music Therapy is suspending direct music therapy services. We are still available for presentations and workshops. Please check back here or contact us for updates about upcoming services and programs.

Music Therapy

HI Notes Music Therapy provides individualized, client-centered music therapy services to all ages and abilities. Services are available to individuals, groups, and facilities. The approach, activities, and goals are tailored to meet the client’s needs, so no two sessions are alike! Music therapy services are offered in both in-person and virtual formats.

Adaptive Music Instruction

HI Notes offers music lessons on guitar, ukulele, piano, recorder, and voice. Music lessons are taught by a board-certified music therapist, and are adapted to the student’s learning style and personal goals. Music instruction is perfect for people of all abilities and ages who want to learn new music skills and build confidence through music. No prior experience required.

Music Therapy Assessment

Before beginning music therapy services, clients are required to participate in an assessment, which includes gathering background information from the client or caregiver and observing the client’s response to various music therapy interventions. At the end of the assessment period, the client or caregiver will be provided with a written assessment report and treatment plan.

Telepractice / Virtual Music Therapy

Music therapy and music instruction are available in virtual format, via Zoom. To participate, the client must have consistent access to a computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection, camera, and microphone.

Presentations and Workshops

HI Notes Music Therapy provides workshops and educational presentations about music therapy. Workshops will usually include a hands-on component, in which participants will experience music therapy interventions first-hand. Contact us to talk more about your group’s needs and to schedule a presentation or workshop.

See the calendar to learn about upcoming events.

Service Locations

Music therapy and other services take place in locations that are convenient and appropriate for the clients being served. Locations may include clients’ homes, community centers, music and dance studios, care homes, adult day health centers, hospitals, and professional therapy offices. Contact us for more information about current service locations.